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Trailblazer Keyboards

Sinanju WK Extras Group Buy

Sinanju WK Extras Group Buy

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Group buy is open from March 17th to April 1st. Extras will close alongside group buy for the keyboard kits, either at the date above or when the soft cap is reached.

Fulfillment is expected Q3-Q4 2023, but can be delayed by production requirements.

These are extras for the Sinanju WK Group Buy. You may order these without a keyboard kit if you want to try them out with other kits. Compatibility is not guaranteed with other keyboard kits.

Additional details on specific parts are below.

  • Hardshell case - These are tailored to fit Sinanju WK/WKL Units, but should accommodate most standard-sized 60% boards. Inner pocket dimensions are 292mm x 110mm. Cases will be red with a gold logo on the lower right corner.
  • Plates are generated via data from AI03 Plate Generator but should work with other standard 60% boards that do not use a plate for mounting. Compatibility might vary by designer.
  • PCBs do NOT fit generic 60% keyboards. These are specialized mounting posts designed for Sinanju WK only. H60s will work in Sinanju WK.
  • Microfiber Cloth may be slightly different than WKL (R1) production in color/design.
  • Orings are from Graveshift and are provided for order convenience.
  • Alu Plates will be made from 5052ALU and Anodized Black
  • Fr4 and Fr4 Hybrid Plates will be Black with Silver outlines. Produced by AVX Works.
  • CF Plates will be Black/Gold weave
  • POM Plates will be black
  • PC Plates will be frosted
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