About Us

Trailblazer Keyboards is brought to you by two passionate brothers -- Arnold and Ben -- in California, United States. Together, we created the whole structure from designing, manufacturing, packaging, and providing our keyboard kits to our community.

Arnold is a game designer by day, taking up CAD as a hobby to further dive into his passion for keyboards. He believes that the pinnacle keyboards can yet be improved and loves exploring new internals, mounts, and manufacturing processes that streamline Trailblazer's operations.

Ben champions fine-line design, focusing on logos, fonts, intricate engravings, and final texturing details. He double checks QC processes from manufacturers to make sure that our kits are as flawless as we envision.

For questions about Trailblazer, interest in commissions, or other business inquiries, please reach out at Support@TrailblazerKeyboards.com.