Commissions are open for Trailblazer Keyboards!

Commissions with Trailblazer Keyboards are a chance to create the board of your dreams!

  • I take a back-seat role in terms of design, allowing your design language to stand front and center.
  • I provide a fully optimized pipeline at every stage in the process, from prototyping to delivering your product to your community's homes.
  • I can ensure that the group buy will go smoothly and not suffer from continual delays.
  • I offer my full expertise and experience with metal finishing, cnc technique, and factory negotiation.
  • I can play liaison between factory and vendor if desired and can also offer vendor services for NA/USA customers.

Commissions with Trailblazer Keyboards are NOT the typical 1-off projects.

  • 1-offs are bad for the Designer-Manufacturer relationship.
  • 1-offs are overpriced due to low production count.
  • 1-offs are underperforming due to lack of extensive R&D testing

Requirements for a Commission

  • Have a community around 30-50 members or be willing to get an Interest Check to 30-50 interested members.
  • Have about $3-5k for prototyping costs.
  • Have an interest in designing a novel boards. DO NOT 1:1 CLONE EXISTING PROJECTS.
  • Have an interest in running the group buy and providing community with updates as the group buy progresses.

How Commissions work

  • I charge an upfront fee, depending on the complexity of the project, usually between $250-$1000.
  • We design the board together. This is usually a collaborative effort with you, your community, and etc. I prefer the project to not be secret, but an experience together.
  • Prototypes are ordered and paid by you. They will ship to me for primary assembly testing, then shipped to you for a secondary opinion/approval.
  • PCBs are exclusively designed by FJ Laboratories
  • We obtain a quote for Group Buy pricing, and set a date for the group buy. At this point, you may request a margin if desired. Zero-profit group buys are highly discouraged, because your time is as valuable to me as my own.
  • We run the group buy. And lastly, follow through with production and fulfillment.

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