Design Philosophy

When establishing Trailblazer, I believe in three key philosophies.
  • Functionality guides design
  • Elegance supersedes design
  • Perfection starts from design

First, functionality guides design. Our keyboard kits are always drawn with functionality in mind. I want each kit I deliver, regardless of how it was customized in building process, to provide the user with the promised functionality -- for example, a poppy sound signature, cushioned soft feel, or snappy tactile return. In that end, Trailblazer empowers me to explore new mounts and materials to create the most optimized kits to meet these challenges.

Secondly, elegance needs to supersede design. Designs serve to emphasize the beauty innately found in the keyboard. I do not obfuscate design to add beauty. Unnecessary cuts, separations in the metal, or superfluous screws all hinder the precise sound each key can deliver. Rather, I leverage my designs to tease, highlight, and display the delicate waltz between the components of the build. As such, Trailblazer's kits aims to always minimize the number of parts, but maximize aesthetic value of each part.

Lastly, I believe perfection starts from design. Trailblazer's kits are made with the same high end materials as most other custom keyboard kits. Yet design can affect how well a surface can be polished during manufacturing. Design can affect the likelihood of damage during assembly, shipping, and usage. Design can turn a keyboard into a treasure forever or disappoint customers due to a high likelihood of damage before they've even had a chance to enjoy it. I aim to deliver mirror polished finishes, vivid anodization, and decorative LED elements in a fashion that guarantees the best results for my users. Through design, I minimize my quality control failure rates, ensuring that all community members receive high-end, beautiful, flawless kits.