Avalon - |01.65|

When announcing Babylon, I explained one key detail:

"Babylon is not recognized as the debut board. It is a mere proof-of-concept. Babylon lacks the design aesthetics leveraging available finishing (PVD Brass, Mirror Polish, Burnt Ti, Etc.) to be seen as a true designer & collector keyboard."

Babylon, per its namesake, represents the dawn of a golden age, the start of a uniquely improved empire. But novelty and perfection rarely go hand in hand. Babylon allowed me to develop my supply chain, learn to build keyboard models, learn to prepare kits, and reach an audience.

Now I want to chase something more core to Trailblazer, closer to the original design philosophy. As such, I decided to coin my first attempt to chase perfection as Avalon. This is the start of a journey to find an legendary island, home to the tale of the greatest King. Perfection is but a dream for a designer.

Details to come Q3 2022.