Introducing Avalon - |01.65|

65% - Extended - Hotswap - Gasket, Leafspring, and PCB Mount

The Keyboard

Avalon's Specs:

  • 6.5 degree typing angle
  • 2.5kg projected weight
  • 65% keyboard with extended macro row on left side
  • FJLabs Hot-swap 1.2mm PCB (Kailh V2 sockets)
  • QMK/VIA/REMAP support
  • RGB LED badge - customized options available at a later date
  • Three Mounting Options: Plate Gasket, PCB Gasket, and Suspension 
  • Supported Layouts: Stepped Caps lock, Split Backspace, 6.25u/7u Spacebar

Available November 5th, featuring our first launch with GMK Harvest Collaboration!

A Deeper Dive into Avalon

Avalon extends the 65% into a more flexible and functional design by providing 5 extra macro keys on the left side. Combined with the capabilities of QMK, these keys can be assigned to any standard key, macro, or functional key on a keyboard.

The sides are embellished with an accent line, and the weight is engraved with a reflective pattern to highlight all sides of this keyboard.

 Enjoy a quick preview of the board from Clackbait:

What is a Suspension Mount?

Leaf-springs are a common mounting method for bespoke mechanical keyboards. However, a single spring in itself does not take advantage of all physical properties available. Using a system of leaf-springs, Avalon creates a "Suspension Mount" - a controlled spring system in which opposing springs produce opposing forces to mitigate vibrations.


Avalon's PCB and Plate both have leaf-springs attached. These leaf-springs are slightly offset from neutral when the keyboard is assembled. The counteracting springs provide a snappy response when typing and reduce vibrations that create ping, all the while leaving a soft and enjoyable typing experience for the user.

What other options are available?

Avalon also supports standard PCB and Plate mounting options for the classical builders.

PCB Mounting

By simply not using a plate when building the keyboard, Avalon can provide a Gasket Leaf-spring PCB mount. This mount is supported by FJLab's exceptional precision when manufacturing to allow a tight and secure fit on a friction-fitted hot-swap PCB.

Plate Mounting

Avalon takes innovation one step further by introducing mouse-bites on the leaf-springs of the PCB. For users who prefer a plate mount configuration, simply snap off the leaf-springs with a pair of flat-nose pliers and Avalon can provide a Gasket Leaf-spring Plate mount. Avalon's Aluminum and FR4 Plate is shown below.

Plastic Plate Options

When using a plastic plate (CF, PC, POM), leaf-spring support is not possible. These materials simply do not have any resilient properties that make it valuable as a spring material. As a result, we will be providing these plates without leaf-spring support for gasket plate mount options. Plate is shown below. *These will also not support suspension mount due to the lack of springs!*


When announcing Babylon, I explained one key detail:

"Babylon is not recognized as the debut board. It is a mere proof-of-concept. Babylon lacks the design aesthetics leveraging available finishing (PVD Brass, Mirror Polish, Burnt Ti, Etc.) to be seen as a true designer & collector keyboard."

Babylon, per its namesake, represents the dawn of a golden age, the start of a uniquely improved empire. But novelty and perfection rarely go hand in hand. Babylon allowed me to develop my supply chain, learn to build keyboard models, learn to prepare kits, and reach an audience.

Now I want to chase something more core to Trailblazer, closer to the original design philosophy. As such, I decided to coin my first attempt to chase perfection as Avalon. This is the start of a journey to find an legendary island, home to the tale of the greatest King. Perfection is but a dream for a designer.


I do not believe in FOMO and Hype. We will make as many units as needed to provide everyone with an option to acquire an Avalon Kit.

Avalon's first run will begin November 5th, 2022 at 10am PST. This run will feature only 1 colorway (collaboration with GMK Harvest!) and limited to 25 pre-order slots. These kits will start at a $475.

GMK Harvest x Avalon Colorway
  • E-white Top/Bottom Cases with ALU6063
  • FR4 Plate from AVXWorks! [Or alternative materials: 5052 Alu, POM, PC, CF]
  • Copper Frame, Badge, and Weight
  • GMK Harvest collab engravings with Fox Tail, Wheat, and Apple

Avalon will return for a larger group buy with more colorways after these first units are fulfilled and feedback is obtained to further optimize the user experience. Colorway prototypes will be made with this first run. GB pricing will be lower as well with the higher number of units produced. (Pending Q1/Q2 2023)


Build Guide - TBA

FJ Labs PCB resources -

Prototype Pictures