Previous Commissions

Windz (Project W)

Sinanju - Gummy Oring Mount WKL 60% (Group Buy over)


  • Keyboard design has uncovered many avenues of learning and creativity, and has provided a significantly more comprehensive perspective on the custom keyboard hobby as a whole. Being able to physically interact with one's creations is a genuine treat, and I hope to be able to design many more rectangular adult pacifiers in the future, bank account permitting.
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 Swordfish - Poron-Gasket Mounted Arisu w/ Exploded Layout


  • Flybeck/FlyKeebs believes that custom keyboards are a way for individuals that spend a lot of time in front of keyboards, to personalize the experience even more. The ability to experiment and try new things is always an option, which is why I love designing keyboards.
  • Youtube | Flybeck#1062

Tetra - Leaf spring Tadpole Mounted WKL 60% w/ novel CNC technique for design.



  • Tsukino 60 WKL uses a novel PCB and post placement to deliver a optimal sound and feel, and accommodate for the blockers in place
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Tsukino 60 WKL - Gummy Oring WKL 60% with a rose and moon engraving.